Buy Out, Sell Out, or Rent Out: What to do with an inherited house?

December 17, 2018

Figure out what to do with an inherited house

After a funeral, one of the most difficult things to do is to address the property that’s left behind. This can be true whether you inherit a small family home or a large estate. Sentimental value and market value may go head to head as you decide what you’ll do with it, whether you’ve inherited […]


Face the Cold and Brave the Changes: Five Ways to Fight Energy Costs This Winter

December 10, 2018

As the cold creeps in, energy bills typically go up. This year is no exception, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Higher energy costs mean you could be paying more dollars to keep your home warm even though temperatures should be about the same as last year. Energy bills are predicted to rise by […]


Scrunching Elbow-to-Elbow for Seasonal Fun: How to Host a Holiday Party in a Small Living Space

December 3, 2018

No matter how much you declutter, if you live in a small square-footage rental house or apartment, inviting guests over can make your living space feel crowded. Add the winter holidays with their glitzy sparkle, multitude decorations, lights, and a myriad of foods, and you might wonder how you’ll pull off that talk-of-the-town holiday party […]


Three steps to selling an inherited home with siblings: Sidestep the family drama

November 26, 2018

Sell an inherited home with sibings

One of the most difficult aspects of a loved one passing on is what happens after the funeral. There’s a surprising amount of work to be done. The will has to go through probate, assets have to be distributed and taxes and debts have to be paid. Inheriting a house with a sibling or another […]


How to pull off the most successful garage sale of the year

November 19, 2018

Maybe you’ve got more to take care of than you can handle. Maybe you’re just in decluttering mode. Whether you’re preparing to move or just clearing space in your home for making some repairs or remodeling, having a yard sale can be fun and put some extra cash in your pocket. It can take some […]


Alarming Inheritance taxes, financial pitfalls, and investment predators: how to avoid capital gains tax on inherited property, cash or investments

November 12, 2018

Do you know how to avoid capital gains tax on inherited property?

Receiving an inheritance is one of the few silver linings when the unfortunate loss of a loved one strikes—and knowing the tax laws involved can help make sure you get everything your loved one wanted you to receive. Whether you are entering probate from an inheritance or just getting started with the entire inheritance process, […]


Face the risks of floods, fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes and arm yourself by understanding the hazards of insurance loopholes

November 5, 2018

Do you know the common insurance loopholes?

Last year, someone broke into a home in our neighborhood. Four months ago, it happened in the quiet cul-de-sac where a friend lives in another part of town. Thankfully, no one was hurt in either case, and the damage to both homes was minimal. However, it raised the question of what was covered by the […]


Focusing Tips On What To Do With An Inherited House

October 29, 2018

Knowing What to do with an Inherited House

It’s easy to dream of inheriting property—the mansion on the hill, the lakeside cabin, or the family farmhouse. It’s not so easy when it actually happens. Even when it seems like a windfall, there are often hidden costs associated with inheriting property. Most inherited homes come with a to-do list, too, and none of it […]


Learning How To Probate An Estate In California With Simplicity

October 22, 2018

How to probate an estate in california

Horror stories in the movies are okay, but not in real life—and especially not when it comes to distributing real estate and other property when someone dies. Thankfully, there are measures in place to prevent family contention from compounding grief.  Do you know how to probate an estate in California? The probate process in California […]


Split Inherited Real Estate without Splitting the Family or Breaking the Bank

October 16, 2018

Dealing with Inherited Real Estate

The death of a loved one can spin a family into turmoil. Grief and the stress of funeral preparations can strain family relationships. This could be compounded when there’s inherited real estate involved. Bank accounts, cash, jewelry, and other assets can be divided without too much trouble, but what do you do with the real […]