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You’ve waited a long time to get into a home of your own. Now that the seasons are changing, you feel like it’s the perfect time to act. Problem is, you’re not the only one.  Remember the famous quote from Walt Disney’s Bambi? Nearly everyone gets twitterpated in the springtime—and that goes for home buying […]

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Bankruptcy Trustee wants to sell

Don’t Sell My Home! What to do if your Bankruptcy Trustee wants to sell your property The idea of declaring bankruptcy is stressful. The red tape, the limbo feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen next and fear over the way it could impact your credit rating can be overwhelming. However, it’s also overwhelming […]

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Do you know the best time to file for bankruptcy?

For some people, payday is a day of mixed feelings. It can bring a sense of freedom as you are finally able to fill your refrigerator again or top off the fuel in your car. It can also be stressful, right? Once your direct deposit goes through, it’s time to tackle the pile of bills […]

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